About Us

Take the leap and join fellow educators sharing their skills and knowledge to facilitate transformative learning experiences for their students!

Classroom and Online Teachers: do you need help…

-researching, creating or designing content for you course?

-revising existing content and materials for your course?

-creating and facilitating transformative learning activities?

-building your educational consulting career?

-navigating your institution and rising to a leadership position?

Businesses, Schools, Universities, Organizations: do you need help…

-building collaborative teams?

-creating new or revising old programs to include transformative learning?

-training your staff to see new possibilities for school improvement?

-motivating your student or staff base?

-delivering meaningful social media content?

The Transformative Educator Project offers educational consulting services, curriculum design and writing assistance, staff trainings, online courses, and one-on-one coaching.

Stay tuned for our launch date for 2020 Online Courses!

Introductory Courses: (1) What is Transformational Learning? (2) Head, Personality and Heart: What every new teacher should know about a career in teaching

Intermediate Courses: (1) Improving your Course, Workshop or Retreat: Identifying Opportunitites for Growth and Learning, (2) Overcoming Poor Educational Evaluations: Moving from Barriers to Solutions

Advanced Mastercourse: Breakthrough: Blueprint for Creating High-Impact, Transformational Learning Experiences